Tanzania: Bee Keeping

Beekeeping in Tanzania has unlimited potential to play a significant role in reduction of extreme poverty, socio-economic development of the country and its environmental conservation. It is estimated that Tanzania has about 9.2 million honeybee colonies where potential production of bee products is about 138,000 tons of honey and 9,200 tons of beeswax per Annum.

Success Story of Fatuma- From poverty to hope

Fatuma 34, is a brave woman of Mseko village in District Pangani. She is a widow looking after her 4 children. She used to work 14 hours a day on farms or selling fallen coconuts to feed her children to earn just half a dollar a day. She could remember many days when her kids slept without food.

She was selected as a beneficiary of the bee keeping project and trained as well as equipped in managing bee hives. She is hoping to expand her business every year from the money earned through honey harvesting.

She said, “I can see my future very clearly now, I can see my children going to better school, and eating well and clothing properly.” I can plan for my future with more hives added to my garden each year. “One day I will be rich lady of the town”