Rural women globally are facing hindered access to resources, knowledge and services, all of which are underpinned by persistent gender inequalities. Islamic Help follows Women in Development (WID) approach placing women at the forefront of development initiatives.

Investing in women is the single most effective antidote to the world’s pressing problems: war, poverty, disease. Women play a special role in society by contributing not only to family, but to community well-being as a whole.

  • In Sub-Saharan Africa including Tanzania, while women constitute the vast majority of agricultural workforce, only 15% of them are landholders, a mere 10% of them receives credit and only 7% has access to extension services

  • A World Bank study in Bangladesh Shows that enhanced access of women to education makes one of the greatest contributions towards reduction of the child malnutrition and mortality rates.

  • The UNFPA has found that empowering women and educating girls are the single most effective strategies for reducing poverty as well as child malnutrition and mortality rate